Monday, January 26, 2009

Preschooler's Knit Backpack

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This little backpack is perfect for a sippy cup, snack, and small toy. My kids go everywhere with theirs!

Approximately 6 oz worsted weight yarn

Size 11 (US) 16" circular needle

One stitch marker

Size K crochet hook

NOTE : Backpack is knit in the round while holding 2 strands of yarn throughout.

Holding 2 strands together, cast on 60 stitches. Carefully join stitches in the round. Place stitch marker.

Rounds 1 - 3 : Knit

Round 4 : *K1, K2tog, YO* continue for entire round

Rounds 5 - ? : Knit until backpack reaches desired length (I make mine 9" long).

Next round : K2tog to end of round (30 sts)

Next round : K2tog to end of round (15 sts)DO NOT BIND OFF. Cut yarn, leaving a 6" tail. Thread tail through stitches on needle and pull tight, closing up the bottom of the backpack. Tie off and weave in end.

Strap : This is knitted in rows (flat). Cast on 8 stitches. Using garter stitch (knit each row), knit until strap reaches approx. 22" in length. Bind off and weave in ends. Fold strap in half, forming a "V". Sew FOLDED end to the top center back of the pack. Sew the two ends to the bottom sides of the pack.

Cord : Using a size K crochet hook, make a chain approx. 20" long. Knot both ends. This is the cord. Thread it through the holes made by the YO's in row 4, with both ends coming out the center front.

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