Monday, January 26, 2009

Newborn Candy Corn, Witch, and Ghost Hats

This cute little newborn hat looks like a piece of candy corn and is great for autumn!

Ravelry Members Download a PDF of this pattern here: Candy Corn Hat

Approximately 1 1/2 oz orange worsted weight yarn
Approximately 1/2 oz each of white and yellow worsted weight yarn
Size H crochet hook

Foundation : Using white yarn, Chain 3. Join into a ring with a slip stitch.
Round 1 : Chain 3 (counts as first DC). 4 DC into ring. Join to top if Chain 3 with a slip stitch (5 DC)
Round 2 : Chain 3. DC into same stitch. **DC into next stitch, 2 DC into next stitch** Repeat from ** around. Join to top of chain 3 with a slip stitch (8 DC)
Rounds 3 - 5 : Repeat Round 2. (12 DC end of round 3)(18 DC end of round 4)(27 DC end of round 5)
Round 6 : Break white yarn, tie on orange yarn. Repeat Round 2.(42 DC)
Round 7 - 12 : Chain 3. DC into each DC around. Join to top of chain 3 with a slip stitch(42 DC)
Round 13 - 15 : Break orange yarn, tie on yellow yarn. Chain 3. DC into each DC around. Join to top of chain 3 with a slip stitch(42 DC)
Round 16 : Chain 1. SC into each DC around. Join to top of chain 1 with a slip stitch. Cut yarn, bind off, weave in ends.(42 SC)

Melissa Wildes sent me two ADORABLE Halloween modifications to my Candy Corn Hat! Check out the directions and photos below for a WITCH and a GHOST hat!

"This first is a witch, which I worked by using black through row 6, then changing to green, and working through row twelve, and finish off. Using black, ch 4 and slip stitch together, ch one and 6 sc in the ring leaving a length to sew it on (make 2 - these are the eyes). Then chain 15 and beginning in the second chain from the hook, slip stitch 14 times, finish off and leave a length to sew it on (this is the mouth). Then I went back and worked a row of slip stitches around the base of the black, the a row of DC. On the brim around the base of the black, I was working 2 dcs in each stitch, finish off and weave in ends!"

"Then I worked this one with just white through row 12, finish off, and make 2 eyes, by chain 4, then 6 sc in the ring, attach to hat, and then make a larger circle of black, or a smile for mouth and you have a little ghost hat!"

Thanks, Melissa, for your cute adaptations!!


  1. Hi Tiffany, thanks so much for sharing this cute pattern with everyone. When I saw your pattern, the first thing I thought was 'gumnut baby'... So that's what I made! Here's a link to my blog post with pics and explanation of gumnut babies :)
    Thanks so much again for sharing this pattern, it was easy to understand and easy to make. I'm a total beginner crocheter.

  2. Anonymous30/9/10 21:49

    I can't wait to crochet the candy corn hat. You are so generous to share your patterns with all of us newbie crocheters!!!

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  5. Anonymous6/4/11 00:31

    This sooo cute and sooo on time. My daughter is expecting her first baby on Oct. 30, 2011. Even if the baby is a week late this will still be perfect!

  6. Anonymous19/8/12 16:21

    Thank you for such cute and easy patterns. I made these and the pumpkin hat in 2010 for the NICU. They were a big hit. I used smaller needles to get the correct size. I just whipped up a pumpkin and candy corn hat for a new granddaughter due Oct. 19 ,2012.

  7. Anonymous20/8/12 06:03

    i have made hats like this into footballs using brown yarn and stitching with white like a football. Can use team colors, green and gold...go pack!

  8. when are you going to put the pattern for th toddler monkey hat and newborn banana hat with cocoon on your web site