Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby's First Doll

Ravelry Members Download a free PDF of this pattern here: Baby's First Doll

This is a cute and simple "baby's first doll." The photo above is a doll completed by one of my awesome testers, Aurora! She did a great job. This pattern was inspired by a loom-knit doll created by Bev.


1 oz. colored WW yarn (for clothes)
small amount of skintone WW yarn (for face)
size H crochet hook
black embroidery floss for features
yarn needle
Foundation(hat) - with clothing color, chain 2. sc 6 in second chain from hook. join. ch.1
round 1 : 2 sc in each sc around. join. ch.1 (12)
round 2 : 2sc in each sc around. join. ch.1 (24)
rounds 3-8 : sc in each sc around. join. ch.1 (24)
round 9 : sc in front loops only - sc in each sc around. join. ch.1(24)
round 10 : sc in each sc around. join. break yarn. (24)
round 11 : join skintone yarn to backloops from round 9 (leaving 10 unattached - the brim of the hat), ch.1. sc in each backloop. join. ch.1(24)
rounds 12-19 : sc in each sc around. join. break yarn. (24)
round 20 : join clothing color. ch. 1. sc in each sc around. join. ch.1(24)
rounds 21-40 : sc in each sc around. join. break yarn, leaving a 7"tail. (24)
Stuff doll from the bottom. Thread tail on a yarn needle. Weave through last round, pull tight, tie off. Weave in ends. Embroider on features using thin yarn or embroidery floss. Using a 6" piece of "clothing" yarn and a yarn needle, weave the piece of yarn intothe TOP row of clothing stitches under the head. Pull tight and tie into a bow in the middle to make a "neck".


  1. Anonymous12/2/09 19:02

    so simple and so very cute! thanks for the pattern and more so for the idea!

  2. Adorable!My niece,Teagan,will love it!!Thanks!!!

  3. He's just like a tiny baby! Very cute, good job

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  5. that is adorable. :) I have to make something for a new baby in the next few months and this is perfect. :)

  6. Anonymous25/1/12 14:59

    My daughter is having trouble crocheting this. So far it is pretty wavy and from what we can see she is following the pattern correctly. Could you email us and possibly add assistance?

    1. Anonymous6/7/12 15:45

      I am having a problem with round 11 for the baby's first doll. It says leave 10 unattached then Sc in each back-loop, ending with 24Sc. If you skip 10 you only have 14 left unless your counting the skipped ones. Can someone please help?

    2. Anonymous23/4/14 16:34

      It means skip round 10 not skip 10 stitches. :) It doesn't want you to join it, round 10 is the brim of the hat. :)

  7. Anonymous10/3/12 18:19

    If you own a circle loom you might want to try making the doll on the loom. I made a bunch of these dolls on my circle loom and they are next to impossible to mess up.
    I'll have to try the crochet pattern to see which one I like better.

  8. I haven't tried to crochet the pattern yet however as I need many of these little dolls for charity, I wanted to check out the loom idea. I just looked up looms and there are at least 10 types and sizes. Any suggestions? It's a great pattern. Thank you.

  9. Hello, i have a question.
    May i translate your free patterns, for my own website for (free) dutch patterns.
    Ofcourse i link to your originel patterns.
    Greetings Patricia