Monday, January 26, 2009

Super-Simple Crochet Newborn Pull-over

This newborn pull-over is made from two identical pieces (front & back) shaped like "T" and sewn together. It has a "boat neck."

Approximately 4 oz. worsted weight yarn
Size J crochet hook

Chain 62.
Row 1 : DC into 3rd chain from hook and into all other chains (60 DC's).
Rows 2 - 6 : Chain 3, turn. DC into every DC across (60 DC's).This makes the top of the sweater (neck & arms)
Row 7 : DO NOT CHAIN 3. Slip stitch into first 19 DC's. DC into the next 22 DC's then stop (leaving 19 more undone DC's on the other side). Chain 3, turn. (22 DC's)
Rows 8 - 19 : DC into each DC. Chain 3, turn. (22 DC's). Bind off at the end of row 19.

Make two identical pieces following the above pattern. These are the front and back. Sew up the side & under-arm seam with a whip stitch or slip stitch. Sew up the upper arm / neck seam on either side, LEAVING A 7" HOLE IN THE CENTER FOR THE NECK HOLE. Finish by edging the neck, sleeves, and bottom edge with your favorite decorative stitch. The one pictured is edged with a ruffle madde by Chain 3, slip stitch into each DC.


  1. Anonymous31/1/09 14:04

    thanks for sharing!:D
    I'm going to try it! :)

  2. Hi... just wanted to let you know that i used your pattern as a basis for a sweater top for my impending grandchild...

    thought you might like to see it:

    i also posted a link to your site-- on the blog entry... hope that was ok!

    i thought your pattern was well-written... i had no trouble following it... well-done! thanks for posting this pattern!

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  4. I love this pattern! It was so easy to make! I would just recommend making the sleeves a little bit shorter. I have made one, and it was not my last - I am planning to make lots of them for a baby orphanage in Ukraine! I will post pics of it on my blog soon! at


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  6. Enjoy this pattern , for my future first grandchild.Very easy for someone like me who has a disability.Thank you.

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  8. Thank you so much for this adorable pattern!
    Here is my finished sweater (with a little bit of modification)

  9. A very good idea. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  10. Anonymous20/3/13 13:25

    Just wondering if the chain three is supposed to count for one of the double crochets? Thanks.

  11. I just love your easy pattern & would love to make for- 4 or 5 yr. olds is there a way to make it in a bigger size? would appreciate any help.. thank you